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What gateway do you recommend choosing for a company with 200 employees?

I'm in a search of a Gateway solution for my organization. We have 200 employees and my budget is $400-800. 

I've been checking Citrix Gateway, Aruba Wireless, Ubiquiti, and others. 

What gateway do you recommend choosing for my company (based on the mentioned budget) and why? 

Update: I need just a gateway/router (no VPN). And, possibly, I need a basic firewall, I'm not sure.

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It all really depends on your objectives and what you want to achieve.
Is top-level protection against new threats required?
Do you want a basic firewall for your office? 
A gateway for a VPN back to the office?
Do you want simplified admin and updates, with good vendor & post sale support?
What are your objectives?

I would be partial and get all the above, so check out the Fortinet.com Entry Models

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SG-3110, All in One Multi-WAN Security Gateway with PoE, Up to 2 Gigabit WAN Ports, Built-in WLAN Controller, Routing, Load Balancing, IPSec/SSL VPN and DoS Defense Supported

Recommended Users: 300
Price: US$ 419.00

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It depends on what you want to accomplish.  

Is this a firewall for your office?  It is a gateway for central VPN to the office?  

What is your end goal?

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