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What firewalls do support identity-based rules?

Hi peers,

In my opinion, it's very important for your enterprise firewall/NGFW to support ID-based rules. 

What products do provide this feature? What kind of identity-based rules are supported by them?


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We use Check Point for this solution through the Identity Awareness blade where when integrating with the domain controller or LDAP, we can see the entire organizational unit of the Active Directory where we can generate rules through the user's profile to make access more dynamic to the internet services, DMZ or others. 

It is a good experience that gives us greater control and agility when debugging users since these changes are reflected in the FW when they are eliminated from the AD.

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Hi @Manish Nalawade
@Darshil Sanghvi ​and @Basil Dange. Do you have any inputs about such products?

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