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What do folks think about the newly launched New Relic One solution and its pricing model?

This is how New Relic's CEO talks about their meaningful strategic shift...I'm curious if folks have experienced this new product (and new pricing model) and what you think? Is this a big deal? Is it as unique as described? And has the new pricing model made it more affordable and/or clearer to budget for? 

"We also heard from our customers that the complexity of our own tooling, together with the array of open-source and commercial tools they need to adopt to achieve full stack visibility, is impinging on their efficiency of their engineering teams and driving up costs. As the company who created the APM category, we're going to be the ones who end it. We took APM off of our product list, along with all of our other independent products. And as Lew mentioned, we now offer only 3 products, the full stack observability product being a combination of APM, infrastructure, logging and all the digital experience monitoring solutions that we've provided in the past, making it the easiest platform to standardize on across your engineering organization... 

People have been talking about convergence for quite some time, but they're converging by -- on their website, but certainly not on their data architecture. We believe the convergence is not at the pane of glass. It's actually at the data layer, right? We're the only company with a single database and single query language that can respond to queries about logs, events, metrics and traces. We're the only company with one that does that at multi-tenant. And because of our multi-tenant architecture, we can do that at a petabyte-scale, we can do that remarkably fast, with no headaches of management. It's truly designed to run in the cloud. There is no way that this could run on-premise. It wasn't designed around on-premise. And that means that we can offer it at very compelling economics..." 

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