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What are the advantages of using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools?

Hi community,

Are there any significant advantages in addition to using IaC tools for automation? What tools are the top leaders in this category?

Thank you.

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The advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages. 

There are significant financial, opportunity cost and time-saving advantages. Terraform and Ansible are both cross-platform yield tremendous cost and time-saving opportunities.  I use these tools during my day-to-day operational tasks. In a cloud-based infrastructure, the ability to manage the infrastructure as code using Terraform to complement and integrate with other tools for example ad-hoc bash, Python, PowerShell scripts makes IaC tooling advantageous to achieve your IT goals.

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Hello @Nagaraj Sheshachalam, @Noor Parkar ​and @MahdiBahmani,

Can you please share some professional insights on this topic with the community?​

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