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What are some smart ways to streamline AWS data transfer costs?

Hi community,

Monthly AWS invoice is complex and sometimes impossible to decipher. 

What are some ways to streamline (or simplify) when it comes to using AWS and transferring data on the cloud?

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There are many ways to lower your storage in the cloud costs.  

If you use EBS, there are cloud virtual arrays. What these are are essentially an array in the cloud and they do the same thing in the cloud that they do on-site, they thin, de-dupe and compress your data. This alone can reduce your monthly footprint by 8:1.  

Next, they have enterprise features like snapshots and replicas that are data-reduced. These can save you even more. Finally, they can replicate your data back on-site data reduced minimizing your egress fees.

We have tools that can move you from existing EBS volumes to CVA's with zero downtime and no application downtime.

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This question requires more information to respond effectively.

However, the response, for now, would be that you should use/buy/ storage solution from that vendor who has their SDS (Software-Defined Storage facility) with built-in an efficient data de-duplication feature in-placed on AWS. 

Just for example; you can use/buy "NetApp's® Cloud Volumes ONTAP" for AWS... and maybe some other vendors also have identical solutions.

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