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What application performance monitoring tool can perform end to end monitoring?


I'm researching APM tools. What solutions can perform end-to-end monitoring? I'm looking for a tool that also has the ability to correlate errors. Has anyone tested Tingyun before? 

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New Relic has everything you need in one place.When you log into your New Relic account, you’ll be guided through a new, unified user experience that makes it easier for you to navigate the platform, find and diagnose problems, provide in-product feedback, and take advantage of new, more powerful features.

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Automated anomaly detection and the ability to correlate incidents to reduce noise

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My experience having done a similar analysis.  considering the 4 top tools from Gartner magic quadrant which includes Broadcom (CA) APM, New Relic, App Dynamics and Dynatrace.

Dynatrace is the tool we selected.  It has the most robust traceability, simplest maintenance/management, most complete support for cloud and on-premise systems and an AI engine delivered with the product.  The AI engine will bring together APM and infra data.

New Relic was the closest competitor.  Rich tool set but limited in the AI/correlation capabilities.  Significantly more engineering work to implement and manage the tool.  There is a greater ability to interrogate your data (NRQL) with New Relic but this is manually.  We were looking to maximize the AI capabilities.

Broadcom (CA) APM is the tool that we had.  We experienced a lot of promises but little delivery for the platform.  It lacked in all aspects to bring data together.

App Dynamics was used at my company but highly complex to implement, maintain and license.  I have the least amount of familiarity with this product as it was managed by a separate team but it took them months to get their containers monitored and they weren't confident in extensibility.

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