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What advice do you have for others considering Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox?


If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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33 Answers

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We would recommend Cisco Cloud Mailbox very highly. I would rate it at a nine on a scale of ten.

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Lock down who has access to the product, for the purpose of being able to see all email coming in and out; seeing who it's to, who it's from, and the subject. To best protect data, you would want to limit who has access to that data. In terms of the solution's ability to prevent phishing and business email compromise, it's kind of hard to evaluate because we haven't fully implemented it. It will show us what it catches, and the implementation will actually take it out of the user's mailbox. I feel like that would be good. It seems to still catch some stuff as spam that may not be spam, according to the user. We're using Cisco AMP on our desktops and it seems to be doing fine as a virus scanner. The only issue I have seen is that on a few machines it spikes the CPU utilization for the whole time that it's scanning. I would give the solution an eight out of 10, just because we haven't implemented everything yet. The parts that we have implemented have been very smooth and very easy to use. There are small portions that we haven't fully implemented yet.

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The files being captured by Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox are pushed into Threat Grid for analysis. We do have a Threat Grid license, so that integration works for us. It was easy for us to integrate these two solutions. If someone is only relying on Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), or even without the ATP solution as an add-on, then having Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox would definitely introduce diversity and provide another view of emails coming through or being generated inside the tenant. Because Cisco Talos is unique and different from Microsoft's information, Microsoft will do its own analysis as well as introduce its own threat intelligence and machine learning logic to detect threats. However, as a company, it's resources don't cover everything. Layering it with Talos and Cisco's resources is definitely a good idea. Overall, it's certainly a very good idea to integrate another layer on top of Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox being a player in this market is definitely a good option. Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox is competitive, and it seems to be working pretty well for us. Personally, it gives me peace of mind as well as flexibility in terms of locating internal email traffic. I also know that if Microsoft misses something that there is a chance that Cisco will detect it.

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