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What advice do you have for others considering AWS Lambda?

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering AWS Lambda, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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Top 5MSP

We are using the latest version of the solution currently. I cannot say which version number it is. I don't know it off-hand. I'd rate the solution at an eight out of ten. We've been pretty happy with the capabilities so far. I would recommend the solution to other organizations. This is much better than the other serverless solutions.

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Top 5LeaderboardReal User

I would recommend this solution to others. I would rate AWS Lambda an eight out of ten.

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Top 10Reseller

Everybody should check out AWS Lambda. That's why I didn't explore much and it was at the top of my list. This is a fully managed model. The number one. This is for the future. In the future, many of the EC2 applications may be replaced by Lambda. If I started something from scratch, I would try to use Lambda. It's much simpler. It can simplify a lot. If you add the scalability into the picture, it could have 80% or 90% of the complexity. They are very important. All the servlets are very important from a cloud computing perspective. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate AWS Lambda an eight. I am a fan of the no-code, low-code if you consistently improve to make it even simpler. Maybe they could do something to simplify the language. I'm not sure if Lambda has the code for the Microsoft Logic App, which means they can eliminate most of the code and everything becomes drag and a drop. Because they eliminated those "if errors." They have those kinds of functions. I think mostly because I have not explored the whole portfolio of AWS. I believe there is a full suite of them. I believe their full suite of the service is complemented with Lambda. But I do believe the competition is going to make it simple with low-code, no-code. There is no-code, low-code and also no infrastructure. That is going to be the key. Also, maybe you can have the Lambda ecosystem and have some component of the module built above the Lambda so that people can make graphing and plotting even easier. This is not just any software, you get the module there which is much better. But AWS is big enough to neutralize the ecosystem. I believe it will come but the people don't have the patience to start from scratch these days.

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We're just a customer. We don't have a business relationship with the company. Lambda is very good. I don't collect feedback from other colleagues or other members. However, from my perspective, Lambda is good. I would rate it nine out of ten, based on my experience alone. The best advice I can give other organizations is that it's better to consider your scenarios and see what is scenario is suitable for the functions or services you require, or not. Don't try to move your applications just because of new technology and new concepts. Consider carefully your requirements and that will help you avoid some additional costs.

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They have a program for AWS customers called Activate. With the Activate program, you can get compute and storage credits. They gave us like $10,000 worth of credit over 18 months. I would recommend using this solution. It was the first microservice. It doesn't have much overhead, and it does what it claims to do. I would rate AWS Lambda an eight out of ten. It is a good solution.

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I would rate it a nine out of ten. It was missing features like initialization but they are available now in the latest release. It is good for smaller companies that don't have a lot of staff that will manage the infrastructure. It automatically scales based on the users and allocating the resources. From a cost perspective, it is quite cheap. It takes out a lot of overhead. If it's for a large company with a lot of experts, there are other good solutions.

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I would definitely recommend AWS Lambda. There are a lot of successful test cases both with our clients and other startups which are doing really well using Lambda as a solution. On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate AWS Lambda as an eight-out-of-ten. That would be the right number at this time considering the product is lacking in some areas.

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I would recommend Lambda to someone considering it. I would rate it an eight out of ten. The pricing is similar to Azure services, they are quite competitive pricing-wise if you compare Azure and AWS.

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Implementing this solution is easy, with just a few clicks your function will be ready. I suggest reviewing your requirements and choosing a suitable Lamba function size. Also, have a good strategy on how to trigger your functions.

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My most important criteria when selecting a vendor are * user experience * support. I would rate AWS Lambda at a six out of 10 because it's not quite clear that it scales, but it does have a good, easy path from when you're using a cluster.

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