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What advice do you have for an enterprise user on Password Day 2021?

Dear IT Central Station community,

What advice can you share with the community (especially with enterprise users) on Password Day 2021?


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Enterprise user advice on Password Day 2021
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As requested by Evgeny, my 2 cents.

Nowadays "Password" are still needed. They should be kept in a vault in order to copy/paste them with some kind of security feeling. Mandatory in IT with compliancies and good thing at home.

Tomorrow maybe endusers would have a "security device" to protect their access and share their controlled identity through unique Authentification service. (Because SMS and OTP are not so secure)

Today only few public website use security device.

But more and more company use them at least to secure each employee vault like Big 4 IT/Compagnies

Kind Regards

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@Sylvain Déjardin thank you for your reply!

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The very question is endemic of the problem associated with passwords. A day devoted to password considerations. Tomorrow they will be long forgotten. As I see it, there are a few levels of considerations to be included in this question:

  1. Personally related

    1. Banks

    2. Brokerages

    3. Utilities

    4. Commercial credit cards

  2. Private Memberships

    1. Organization memberships

    2. Financial responsibilities

    3. Membership Roles & Access

  3. Professional

    1. Internal organizational

      1. Email

      2. SharePoint

      3. Workday

    2. Client based

      1. VPN

      2. Access oriented (Systems, applications, resources)

Most personal users use the same password for ALL their connections. Worse, many users cache and remember these connections in their browsers. This is the #1 area I would suggest addressing to have the greatest positive impact for Home User scenarios.

A good password with length and complexity is the start, followed by having a password vault, with Norton Password Safe being my favorite, but Pwsafe and KeePass are good candidates for storage of many complex passwords.

Apply these principles personally and professionally.

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@reviewer1324719 thanks for such a detailed answer!

author avatarEvgeny Belenky
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@Tjeerd Saijoen , thank you for the link!

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@Bernard Komdeur ​, @Sylvain Déjardin ​, @Thomas Zeulner ​, @Md.Ahsanur Rahman ​, @Denys Zalevskyi , can you please chime-in here? Thanks

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