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Waterfall testing vs. agile testing: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

What are some of the differences between waterfall and agile testing? What are the pros and cons associated with each approach? 

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Waterfall development relies on defined stages and detailed documentation before any actual coding takes place. The Agile approach relies more on continuous communication and incremental solutions with ongoing dialog between the users and developers. Our development of code (once design approved by the customer) in the waterfall process was always Agile, with daily builds and immediate testing. Then we would hand the product to the customer and await their approval or recycle. Now that we have moved toward the entire process being Agile (I emphasize toward), we have two distinct customer approaches. In the one, the customer actively participates in the testing early. The other is more of an "Agilefall". Although we collaborate on the User Stories, they delay much of their testing until we have developed several stories. As a result, one team has had four releases compared to two for the other team in the same time period. The second team insists on having a predefined description of the finished product while we are starting development. The other team is content to see how many user stories we have completed before deciding on a release.

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Waterfall: Development <> QA <> Ops

Agile: Development + QA <> Ops

DevOps: Development + QA + Ops 

Time to Market with Quality 


DevSecOps: Development + Security + QA + Security + Ops + Security 


Time and Quality are the reasons 

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