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In which scenarios, one should select commercial ETL tools rather than open-source ones?

Which functionalities offered by enterprise ETL tools are not supported by open-source ETL tools?

Also, is there any major difference if one moves from Talend Open Studio to Talend Enterprise?

Thank you.

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There might be several scenarios or cases for this question. 

Surely, open-source versions usually provide either no or limited versions of scheduling, auditing, auto-recovery or clustering, etc. functionalities. 

If still is the same, Talend Open studio was not providing scheduling and auditing so that users usually used to write their own scheduling such as Visa, Windows scheduling, etc.

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Essential and fundamentals ETLs features, I think, that are available over all types and products. Not only for differences and features but about "first/baby steps" and "next step when maturity grow".

Article in Portuguese, but I strongly recommended reading it (even if via Google Translator). Approach valid for any commercial product/platform and FOSS approaches: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse...

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Hi @Haja Najumudeen , @Anton Haupt , @Neel Vora ​and @Phil Wilkins. Maybe you can assist @Sheetal Jeshwani here? 


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