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How to Install OVM and KVM?

I want to understand how the Oracle VM migration to KVM migration works and need to create the environment. I have my own VMware setup available. Kindly advise for installing OVM and KVM with their native manager.

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Oracle OVM will be installed on Physical Server as a hypervisor. version 3.4.6 is latest.

https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20... for OVM Server

to manage this OVM Server you need to install / configure OVM Manager on a VM.

https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20... OVM Manager

its top product for Oracle Apps & DBs VMs

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You want to simulate the migration from Xen-based Oracle VM Server to Oracle Linux KVM? And that inside your existing vmware environment?
I am not acquainted with either oracle products but take a step back and you will see that you are trying to virtualize virtualization hosts.

So you have to look into vmware side options to do "nested virtualization". There should be enough how-tos out there. Mostly regarding vmware inside vmware or hyper-v inside vmware. These instructions should apply to nesting other virtual platforms as well. 

Normally nesting is strongly discouraged because of immense performance hit with that kind of situation. But for testing it is viable and doable.

See here for nested kvm with vmware


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Oracle VM to KVM migrations can be done some less and no need for VMWARE 

Please follow the link below else create a connection for me to help 



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