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How important is it to monitor your WiFi environment?

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What problems can a WiFi monitoring tool help to troubleshoot? What software do you recommend using as a WiFi monitor?

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This depends on the brand of WIFI you have. More information can be obtained if you monitor WIFI controllers instead of the WIFI itself. We use Nagios as it allows to custom develop plugins. Rule of thumb for Nagios, anything that can be obtain manually using a keyboard, you will be able to automate it with Nagios.

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Wifi monitoring is important depending on if you are in an office building, healthcare, or in a hospital.

In a large building, you need to monitor the signal and see where to place your station to get an optimal signal. So you get the best performance. Also, the security of all the monitoring stations is important. Are you wifi stations protected, is the signal encrypted, etc. You have a lot of good freeware tools to monitor wifi equipment today. So to answer the question yes wifi monitoring is important and don't forget all the IOT and smartphones, they will be connecting to an office network, so everything needs to be protected.

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It depends on your environment - how large is it, what type of APs and.or controllers are in use, what sort of risk environment are you in (what are you protecting? Are you near other competitors, are your facilities near public areas or residential communities?

Things that WiFi monitoring helps us with:
Rogue access points and attack protection
Wireless interference from other APs
WiFi usage (bandwidth, channel selection, user load)
Automated tuning of APs

WiFi monitoring can be part of a suite within a product group such as Fortinet's WiFi stack or Arista's Cloudvision WiFi.

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Using a WiFi monitoring tool you can monitor devices being managed by WLC as well as any radio devices. The tool will be able to monitor SSIDs, rogue APs and rogue clients. An additional advantage is to have a network monitoring tool can recognize popular device vendors like Cisco, Aruba, etc during device discovery so that configuration steps are reduced. All of these issues can be detected using a versatile network monitoring and alerting tool such as OpManager.

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If you through the SolarWinds NPM (network performance monitor) there is one feature that is wireless heatmaps. that will monitor the WiFi, wlc, or whatever the wireless devices is there it will monitor. This feature is not available in any other monitoring solution.

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How many access point is deployed? Do you need an enterprise monitoring?

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