Datadog vs ELK: which one is good in terms of performance, cost and efficiency?


Dear community members, 

I've been exploring Datadog vs ELK and I need your opinion about both of them in terms of performance, cost, and efficiency? Which one would you recommend?

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@Shibu Babuchandran thanks @Shibu for your valuable comments.

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It depends on your requirement. If you are looking for a SIEM/log management solution ELK would be a better option. 

But if you are looking for more of a monitoring solution Datadog would be better. Also, Datadog provides out-of-the-box integrations with a lot of cloud applications. ELK could be cost-effective but a bit challenging to configure & finetune.   

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Unfortunately, I can't say much about Datadog but I have used ELK for a short period. 

And I can tell you not everything works the way it should. For example, I noticed heavy CPU usage for a Windows client on MS AD servers. I advise you to consider this if it's important to you.

Good luck!

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Can you tell me what you actually want to do so that I can help you?

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@it_user860751 I want to store application logs, metrics , kafka queue stats topic level, in short looking for best APM solution in terms of cost, efficiency , scalibility. Nearly 6GB- 7GB data daily basis i need to logs as part of app logs.

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