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Comparison between Acronis, VEEAM and Azure?

I am researching Backup and Recovery software. I am interested in Acronis. How does it compare to VEEAM and Azure?

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-Modern mobile-enabled web interface
-Touch-friendly, works on tablets
-21st century look and feel


-Basic outdated windows interface
-Windows only – no mobile devices
-Ancient look and feel

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Veeam is a good easy to use backup solution. But it has some limitations when you have an HCI Infrastructure like Nutanix. 

Veeam BEM though can manage the jobs in Nutanix but if I need to fetch any reports for compliance requirements, it's not available. BEM will provide reports only if you are using VMWARE or HyperV. hence we are moving towards Rubrik. 

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This comparison is going to be short and sweet.

Azure is ok but if you use Azure hot or cold storage, be aware that the cost could be a killer

DimenXional Currently uses VEEAM because the cloud appliances we purchased came with a VEEAM license. The product is easy to use but here again, they are less expensive solutions.

I tried Acronis and the problems we had were all based on internet speeds. The initial backup of a 1TB drive took several days. That is just too long

I can tell you that DimenXional will be offering a BaaS and DRaaS later this summer. Its called WatchDog-BaaS and WatchDog-DRaaS.

We will be using Wasabi hot and cold storage which is 80% less expensive than Azure, AWS, Rackspace, and lots of others.

WatchDog-BaaS is being built to go toe to toe with Carbonite on local workstations/laptops/etc, as their interface is ugly and the product support is nasty

WatchDog-DRaaS is our Virtual offering.

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First off Azure is not a backup strategy or solution, its an S3 repository. Acronis, Veeam, Rubrik, Cohesity are Enterprise Backup Solutions/EBS that can facilitate an S3 (Cloud-out). Read the Gartner Report on EBS publisehd last Nov 2019 for better insight. - Best, Aaron

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I have used Acronis and Veeam and choosing between the two depends on result you expect to get from the Backup Solution. I will advise you try the trial version of both and decide which gives you better result.

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That all comes down what exactly you are looking to backup. Virtual, physical, cloud. Nevertheless if you are looking for a simple, reliable, scalable, and flexible solution which has a portable license model that fits all go with Veeam

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There is no “proper” answer to your question.

First, before the tool, define your goal as:
- how many systems?
- how many virtual vs physical?
- sizing (even roughly)
- is there some DBs or specific app?

Then time will come to choose the correct tool.

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Veeam is a leader. Acronis is a niche player. Veeam is integrated with most storage systems on the market. Functionality - I'd recommend Veeam.

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Hi Mark, hope you are well and keeping safe.  Would this be for an on-prem, off-prem or hybrid solution you are looking for?  For the record, Azure is a Cloud based solution and other vendors like Arcserve, Acronis, Veeam etc...have an on-prem/hybrid solution offerings.  Happy to discuss

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