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Can one use Netgear nighthawk router and modem with Ubiquiti Unifi WAP, POE-enabled switches and home security?

Hi community,

Use case: 

Use existing Netgear products in the home network 

Home network: 

LAN, WAN, managed network both wired and wireless


POE cameras, doorbell, PC's

Room for growth:

server,  local cloud storage

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Ok, first, what level of management you need ? Do you want to use all the functions or only a few of them?

Besides the brand hype, using only one enviroment is better than any mix you could try. And also where do you want to manage the network? I mean do you want to use the Netgear router o Unifi app? Any Unifi device needs the app for management. There´s no other way with Unifi.

If you want to handle only the wifi with Unifi, the easy answer is yes. You can mix your router and Unifi, but you need the Unifi network application on a server or a PC. You can also add a USG router for a better result, but having 2 routers is gonna increase the hard work and the time you need to manage all.

I dont know that particular Netgear router, but for me, the entire brand is not better than Unifi App + USG and I strongly recomend using Unify only.

Good luck!

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