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Can Continuous Data Protection (CDP) replace traditional backup?

How does CDP backup work? Is it an effective replacement for traditional backup solutions? 

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While CDP is a good idea it does not protect if the database gets corrupted. This is the second purpose of the database backup scenario. The Grandfather, Father, Son, and off-site storage are the second level of protection against Ransomware too. My experience is that it takes two to three weeks to catch a data corruption which would have been repeated multiple times already with CDP.

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No it does not replace backup. This supports RTOs in the case of DR, but backup establishes long term retention and separation for ransomware.

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CDP can be part of a full data integrity solution, but not the primary component. My background has formed my strategy for data protection, and for our clients, we implement a tiered strategy which will allow recovery from a variety of data loss scenarios. Some of those scenarios include;

A file is lost.

A file is lost and not noticed for N days/weeks/months.

Malicious user.

Software failure/corruption.

Malware attacks, including ransomware.

Partial hardware loss.

Disaster/complete loss of infrastructure usage.

CDP will not protect from the first 4/5 data loss scenarios.

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CDP is a significantly effective mechanism for protecting data, it is used for the highest priority environments or critical for business operations. For environments with a high RTO.

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CDP can replace traditional backup IF you can set retention times that are as good as or better than traditional backup.  Those weekly/monthly/custom backups should also be immutable; otherwise, you can't protect yourself from ransomware or achieve data retention for litigation or other purposes.

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CDP should not replace traditional backup but complement it.  You can have your typical backups and then use CDP for mission-critical workloads to ensure the lowest RPO/RTO for them.  As noted also CDP does not help with Ransomware protection whereas traditional backups will.

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No, It cannot. It's good for low RTO and RPO but in case of issues like Ransomware, CDP is not the way to go. Traditional  backup solutions become key

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The backup platform being used could have CDP (continuous data protection) as an integral part of the solution. It is the first stage of user data back up, this gets added to the main back up. So in summary CDP is part of back up when considering user data. 

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