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Any experience with Strategic Project Portfolio Management Solutions?

I work in Enterprise Architecture Project and Portfolio Management at a large insurance company. 

I want to know what's out there, what's good, and get real user input about strategic project portfolio management solutions. 

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Hi @Cheryl Joseph ​Looking at the crossover between Project and Portfolio management with EA, then Planview could be a good choice. If looking at Portfolio Management from an EA perspective then LeanIX and Ardoq could be interesting alternatives.

Of course many of the traditional EA tools such as MEGA, Bizzdesign, etc. also provide portfolio management support, but in my opinion, they are not as comprehensive as the ones I mentioned above.

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@Mark McGregor ​Thanks for your helpful response. Would you be willing to leave a review for any of the products you've recommended here, so that other users can benefit from your feedback? If yes, you can click here to write a review: https://www.itcentralstation.c...

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We have large and small Canadian customers using QualiWare as their Project and Application Portfolio management solution. Very flexible and comprehensive solution that can be easily configured to meet your needs. Simple browser interface for maintaining and analyzing the content. Bonus: ties directly into overall corporate EA initiatives and content so management can see costs, impacts, risks, etc.

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Hi, @Cheryl Joseph Micro Focus Project and Portfolio Management solution could be a good candidate, see my review on this product, or if you may need more information to drop me a message. You can check the strategic portfolio planning solutions, like aangine with AI roadmap planning featuresthat can start to bring value in the short-term and can be entry-point to any PPM solution, unlike long investments that happen with PPM solutions deployments.

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Hi Cheryl! As proposed by @Mark McGregor ​we at Ardoq can solve such problems. You can see an example of how we solve this here. 

Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about this - happy to set up a demo :)

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Struggling to post a link to the video... Any advice?

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Hi Cheryl,  Gartner has just published their new Magic Quadrant for Enterprise PPM Solutions. This will give you a good overview. Report is free of charge available via ServiceNow, they are now added by Gartner first time this year.

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I'm happy to help. It might be easier by phone. My email is michael.havison@parkview.com, if you would like to syn up from there.

We evaluated several platforms, but your organization's process and expectations will dictate what I would suggest. 

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