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What is Virsec Security Platform?

Virsec revolutionizes cyber security by detecting and remediating previously “indefensible” advanced memory-based attacks on critical applications and server endpoints. Using patented, non-signature based technology, Virsec is able to protect applications “full-stack” — from the memory to web layer — without generating false positives, a huge win for security teams drowning in bells and alarms or using needle in a haystack approaches. Our deterministic Trusted Execution™ approach provides runtime application visibility and protection at the CPU-level and in memory to ensure real-time detection and remediation in microseconds. Virsec is unique in its ability to detect file-less, memory corruption and even ROP chain attacks on server endpoints, as well as protecting web applications against web application attacks in one unified platform. This unprecedented level of cyber security breadth and depth enables enterprises to release applications faster and achieve advanced hacking protection, with full assurance of protection against zero-day or unidentified vulnerabilities.

Virsec Security Platform is also known as Virsec.

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