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What is Novacura Flow?

Here at Novacura, we are experts in business systems and process improvement. With an overall view of the reality of different industries, we have solutions that can easily be adapted to suit each client’s unique requirements. With our comprehensive view, we support you in growing your company’s current and future competitiveness. As our client you benefit from our long experience of ERP-systems and process improvement Our solutions is totally adapted to your specific business. With our product Novacura Flow, you can connect your people to your business systems. It is an innovative platform that acts as a layer on top of your existing business systems or as a tool where you create your own applications. With Novacura Flow you get one platform for all your business apps. Apps that are perfectly aligned with your business processes.

Buyer's Guide

Download the Business Process Management (BPM) Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2022

Novacura Flow Customers
JULA, Stadium, Damen Shipyards Group, Serimax
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