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Morphisec Breach Prevention Platform Valuable Features

Information Technology Manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

As far as threat prevention goes, it does great. There have been a couple of preventions that it blocked from browsers and stuff. From time to time, Google may try to install something through the use of a plugin and it blocks that out. 

The dashboard is really easy to use. It is not super convoluted, which is great.

Like any other threat prevention platform, this one is mostly specific to memory attacks. That is what I really like about it. I get emails if there are any threats. 

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Sr. IT Architect at Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

There are two primary valuable features. 

It works without the end-user having to do anything. It just works. 

Second, the fact that it's signatureless is valuable. It's very light on the endpoint and does not have any performance hindrance on the endpoint. That is a huge plus as well. We've used some other products in the past that just really bogged down the machine. If we do scans in the background, and I get a request that someone wants to do scans at night, it's fine. You can take your computers home and turn them off in the evening. I don't have any of those kinds of issues with Morphisec.

Morphisec's approach to using deterministic attack prevention is a big deal for us with all the zero-day attacks and ransomware that's going on in the industry. What we've seen is quite a downturn in the virus or signature-based attacks on the endpoints and even malware. The zero-day attacks are really at the forefront industry-wide, whether it be my company or financial companies. 

Since using Morphisec we have seen a downturn in attacks because Morphisec protects us versus Defenders and whatnot that are signature-based. I know we have not had any issues with ransomware or other zero-day attacks that we've seen with machines that, all of a sudden, have become before we instituted the product. Now the machine had to be re-imaged and there was a loss of data because something was on the machine. You couldn't really determine what was on the machine because nothing was picking it up. The products we were using weren't picking it up.

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Network Administrator at a educational organization with 201-500 employees

The fact that it's able to automatically detect and block ransomware attempts is the most valuable feature. 

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Chief Information Officer at Houston Eye Associates

I really like the integration with Microsoft Defender. In addition to having third-party endpoint protection, we're also enabling Defender, although we haven't rolled it out fully yet; we have had a test environment. I like the reporting that we get from Defender, when it comes in. I like that it's one console showing both Morphisec and Defender where it provides me with full visibility into security events from Defender and Morphisec. With our help desk situation—where it all comes to me, and I'm responsible to make sure that I am seeing anything that could possibly be a problem—having both of those in one location has been very important for me.

Morphisec stops attacks without needing knowledge of the threat type or investigation of security alerts. It absolutely does do that and that's because of the way it looks at an executable when it starts and when it asks for memory. If it asks for a specific piece of memory, then Morphisec says, "Okay, it's over here," but it's not really, and then it watches what it tries to do with that. It knows whether it did something that it shouldn't and it will kill that process in that scenario. It doesn't require foreknowledge of the application to protect you from threats. I've seen it happen because we have some old software that does some squirrely stuff, and we've had to allow it to run anyway. That old software does stuff that you wouldn't expect from modern software. If modern software were to do what that old software does, it would definitely be a threat. So I've seen it in action, but not with a live vulnerability.

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Director, DevOps at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The in-memory attack features have been the most valuable. As we transition to a newer version, I'm excited to see the antivirus reporting functionality search come into effect. We are planning on updating and renewing our contract with them.

My company offers online and mobile banking services. Much like your own bank or credit union, the company has apps and a web interface and provides that to various credit unions and banks. As such, we have direct connections into the various financial institutions' banking courses. We see our environment as a prime area, or vector of attack against this course. We've installed Morphisec over two different production data centers, and it's hooked into our workstations. 

Morphisec's new version provides full visibility into security events from Microsoft Defender and Morphisec in one dashboard. The version that we're on right now does not. That's one of the things I'm excited about getting in the upgrade.

This is extremely important to my work. My team is very small. We have four guys across two data centers. Our data centers are through Rackspace, but we are the primary people that interface it. We have a team of four people that own those two data centers and make sure services are functional. We have a small team and having as much information in one basic user interface is critical.

The ease of use is great. It's a basic UI. It clearly tells us how many of our agents are checked in and how many are not. It gives us a very simple UI to be able to see attacks over time-series data, and to be able to drill down very quickly to see which assets or computers are affected. We can see what user was on there and what application was at play. So, in terms of being able to drill down really quickly, they're great.

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VP IT at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees

What it does is valuable. A vulnerability might be able to potentially get through and still not be able to run. This is not a question of "If," but a question of "When" someone will get through. If they do get through into our environment, we are comfortable knowing that our last line of defense is Morphisec. A lot of times, without Morphisec, we wouldn't know until we knew. You either get the encryption or it could take a long time to understand. This solution is more of a peace of mind for us.

Morphisec stops attacks without needing knowledge of the threat type or reliance on indicators of compromise. Their development team has developed the security capabilities over a large number of different vulnerabilities, e.g., Adobe Acrobat or Excel macros. We don't have to be experts on any of these. More importantly, the zero-days concern me. All our other security software says that they can stop zero-day threats, but hackers are really good and this is really profitable for them. When the zero-day threats actually get used, it's nice knowing that we have Morphisec. 

We don't have false positives with Morphisec.

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Senior Systems Admin at a transportation company with 501-1,000 employees

What's valuable is really the whole kit and caboodle of the Morphisec agent. What it does is genius, in a way, until the bad guys get wise to it. You set it up and then you watch the dashboard. There isn't really much tinkering. As long as you did the install correctly, it should be pointing at your server and it will tell you a bunch of information on each client.

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VP of Info Security at SouthernCarlson, Inc.

The biggest feature is its ability to prevent. Here is the interesting thing with a tool like Morphisec. You implement it almost as an insurance policy. If it works, nothing happens. If it fails, you have bad things occurring. So far, nothing terrible has happened. It does a good job of reporting when it detects anomalous behavior so we can research it. However, the key is that we can research in a much calmer fashion, since we do not need to uninstall because it blocks the activity.

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CISO at a logistics company with 1,001-5,000 employees

There is no performance degradation on remote working. We work on PDIs at home without any performance degradation, which is great.

The solution provides full visibility into security events from Microsoft Defender and Morphisec in one dashboard. This is important because it is always good to have less dashboards and panes of glass. If it is all in one, then it is so easy to manage, see, and report on it. This makes the world a much easier place. We use this in our South African entity. However, at our HQ and other entities, we do not use Windows Defender. We have another antivirus or endpoint security tool, so that is not in one dashboard, though we are probably going to move to Windows Defender. The single dashboard is a factor in our consideration for moving to Microsoft Defender as well as cost.

We use Morphisec Guard for antivirus first. It offers visibility into and control over Windows 10-native device control, disk encryption, and personal firewalls. It is one of the key features for why we are using it since we are all Windows 10 users. Morphisec Guard is very important.

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Director of IT at Clune Construction

The biggest feature is that it hides everything from your operating system that's running in-memory from anything to try to run against it. That's the most unique thing that's on the market. There's nothing else out there that's quite like that. That's a big selling point and why we went with it. It does exactly what the design does. If you can't find it, you can't execute against it.

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IT Operation Manager at Citizens Medical Center

The killing of the processes and the alerting are the most valuable features. Where we used to have to wait for either an email to come in and say, "Hey, this has happened," or for a user to call and say, "Hey, this isn't working right," now, the moment it happens, it kicks off an alert to our Microsoft Teams and everybody on my team sees it.

Morphisec also provides full visibility into security events for Microsoft Defender and Morphisec in one dashboard. We purchased that functionality about a year ago. It's important to our organization because we are able to go to one spot to see and follow up on things, and that has been a big help. We're still trying to integrate Windows Defender so that it works with Azure, along with SCCM. If you've worked in SCCM, you know it can be a little bit confusing. When you go into SCCM, you have to do a lot of drill-downs and look for the problem. But in the single pane of glass provided by Morphisec, it's all right there at your fingertips: easy to access and easy to understand. And if you choose to go down further to know everything from the process to the hash behind it, you can.

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Director, Technical Services and Information Security at SECURA Insurance

The ability to stop attacks without having to detect or have a signature for the attack is the most valuable feature. It's just a different way of stopping attacks, by defeating it at the endpoint before any damage is done.

Morphisec provides full visibility into security events from Microsoft Defender and Morphisec in one dashboard. Defender and Morphisec are integrated. It's important because it lowers the total cost of maintenance on the engineer's time. The administrative time is dramatically reduced in maintaining the product and saves an engineer around four to five hours a week.

It's extremely easy to deploy. It functions without needing to talk to a server. It's completely silent once you've installed it. It's been really silent behind the scenes and has not conflicted with other software. It's a real set and forget.

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Sr. Network Engineer at Wilson County Schools - NC

We liked the ability to see both the Defender and Morphisec through a single console to see the problems that might be going on.

It provides full visibility into security events and from both solutions in one dashboard. I'm not a big security guy, if I have a threat that looks like there's a problem, I will ask Morphisec to dissect it for me, and tell me what might be happening. Because it tends to be all hash codes, so I can tell what's going on. They've been pretty good with that.

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Senior Security Analyst at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

Memory morphing and the central console are the most valuable features. Most traditional antivirus solutions don't come with these features, so you need a tool, like Morphisec, to add this functionality.

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Learn what your peers think about Morphisec Breach Prevention Platform. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.