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Morphisec Breach Prevention Platform Room for Improvement

Information Technology Manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

Right now, it's just their auto-update feature. I know they are currently working on that. When they release a new version of the threat prevention platform, I do have to update that, rolling out to every computer. They have said, "From version 5, you would be able to do an auto-update." While this is very minor, that is the only thing that I would say needs to be upgraded. It would just make life a lot easier for other IT teams. However, I have simplified the process, so all I need to do is just download one file.

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Sr. IT Architect at Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

We're getting ready to deploy the cloud platform. I've already got the cloud portal and everything available to me. There are some nice additional features in there that were some of the things that I had requested previously. Those are some of the features that I was looking for on my on-prem platform that they've already instituted in the cloud and that I'm sure will be instituting on their on-prem platform as well. Having to have an on-prem server required a lot of administration. Being able to push that to the cloud and have it managed up there for us is a real nice addition.

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Network Administrator at a educational organization with 201-500 employees

The dashboard is the area that requires the most improvement. We have about, I would say 5,500 computers currently, and searching through all of those takes some time to filter. So as soon as you apply the filter, it takes a few seconds. It crunches, it thinks, and then it brings up the clients that match.

Our computers are named and they have a serial number in front of their name. To be able to see who is signed in or who has a computer-based on their Microsoft account, that part is cut off unless you have a larger screen on a tablet. But on your cell phone, there's no way that I can find a scroll over to see who owns that device because the username is just cut off. Besides that, it's a simple interface. It's a simple product that's easy to maintain and manage. There's not a lot that we have to do with it. It just does what it needs to do.

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Director, DevOps at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

It would be useful for them if they had some kind of network discovery. That kind of functionality I think would give IT administrators a little bit more confidence that they have 100 percent coverage, and it gives them something to audit against. Network discovery would be one area I would definitely suggest that they put some effort into.

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VP IT at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees

From a company standpoint, a little more interaction with the customers throughout the year might be beneficial. I would like check-ins from the Morphisec account executives about any type of Morphisec news as well as a bit more interaction with customers throughout the year to know if anything new is coming out with Morphisec, e.g., what they are working on in regards to their development roadmap. We tend not to get that up until the time that we go for a yearly renewal. So, we end up talking to people from Morphisec once a year, but it is usually at renewal time.

I tried to sign up for something, but I am still not getting any alerts when Morphisec releases a new version or when our console has been updated. So, I would like to be cognizant when any changes are being made or feature enhancements are added. It would just be helpful to be alerted when that stuff comes out.

Until we migrated to their cloud platform, I wasn't even aware that some of the updates were being pushed out. Then, I came to find out that we were two iterations behind a major release. So, getting those updates or bulletins are very helpful.

If I look at the dashboard, I can see one or two applications hit every once in a while for things like Internet Explorer or some Visual Basic Scripts. I can see that stuff is being prevented, but I don't know exactly if it is securing us in any way that we wouldn't have already had in place. Overall, I don't know 100% if it's increasing our security posture, but it does give us a nice peace of mind.

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Senior Systems Admin at a transportation company with 501-1,000 employees

We have only had four attacks in the last year, "attacks" being some benign PDF from a vendor that, for some reason, were triggered. There were no actual attacks. They were just four false positives, or something lowly like adware. There have been false positives with both the on-premises solution and the cloud solution.

I'd rather see false positives than not seeing anything. If I see nothing then I literally cannot tell if it's working or not. But there are some false positives that are ambiguous enough to be caught.

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VP of Info Security at SouthernCarlson, Inc.

Morphisec is a venture startup. They are still early in their growth stage. They need to get mature on their customer support and on how they interface with system tools. For example, they need to get multifactor in place and an API for the major multi-factor systems, e.g., Okta, Duo, Ping, and Microsoft. They don't have them built in yet. They are working on them. It is just not there yet. Also, their stability, customer support, and processes need improvement, which is just part of maturity.

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CISO at a logistics company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We wanted to have multi-tenants in their cloud platform, so every entity can look into their own systems and not see other systems in other entities. I have a beta version on that now. I would like them to incorporate that in the cloud solution.

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Director of IT at Clune Construction

Automating reports needs improvement. I would like to have better reporting capabilities within it or automated reporting to be a little bit more dynamic. That's something I know they're working on. We literally are in the process. We started the process a week and a half ago of going to their latest version, so I've not seen their latest one up and running yet.

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IT Operation Manager at Citizens Medical Center

In the Windows Defender integration, they have put in a report of computers that need Windows Defender updates. If those updates could be kicked off directly from the dashboard, instead of having to go to another system entirely, that would be good. It reports on it, but it doesn't let you take any action from there. 

Also, as opposed to when users are on the cloud where it will automatically update the correct agents when they check in, it cannot do that for a VDI client.

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Director, Technical Services and Information Security at SECURA Insurance

We started in the Linux platform and we deployed to Linux. The licensing of that has been confusing between Linux licensing and Windows licensing. The overall simplicity of licensing or offering an enterprise license to cover everything and not needing to count needs improvement.

They've integrated with Defender well, but they should continue maturing that integration so that you can just check boxes with Defender installed to add Morphisec as well. There's licensing and all that, but they should try to make the implementation as easy as possible. It's easy now but they should continue down the path of making it as easy as possible.

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Sr. Security Lead at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

Some of the filters for the console need improvement. There are alerts that show up and just being able to acknowledge that we've seen those and not turn them off, but dismiss them, would be a huge benefit.

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Sr. Network Engineer at Wilson County Schools - NC

I haven't been able to get the cloud deployment to work. When there's an update, I'm supposed to be able to roll it out for the cloud solution, but right now I'm continuing to use our SCCM solution to update it.

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Senior Security Analyst at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

It would be nice if they could integrate Morphisec with other traditional antivirus solutions beyond Microsoft Defender. That is probably my biggest gripe.

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Learn what your peers think about Morphisec Breach Prevention Platform. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.