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What is LogRhythm NetworkXDR?

LogRhythm NDR is a network security solution for detecting, qualifying, investigating, and responding to advanced network-borne threats. It provides the speed and full network visibility needed to combat attacks across your on-premise, remote, and cloud environments.

The solution surfaces these threats through centralized, machine-based analysis of network traffic, including TTP scenario-based modeling, IOC signature-based inspection, and behavioral analysis.

LogRhythm NDR leverages the power and capabilities of the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM platform, including patented and award-winning security analytics and embedded SOAR functionality.

LogRhythm NDR has enabled customers to successfully catch, investigate, and respond to an array of threats such as low and slow data leaks, compromised servers used in lateral attacks, privileged user reconnaissance within internal networks, and SCADA attacks.

LogRhythm NetworkXDR was previously known as LogRhythm NDR.

Buyer's Guide

Download the Network Detection and Response (NDR) Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2022

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