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Kryon RPA Room for Improvement

Manager, Application Support at a consumer goods company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Process Discovery is brand new. We are on 19.1 for it. I know on 19.2 that they change the architecture completely. From talking to some other companies that use this, it sounds like we are missing some pretty big features that we will need. We will be doing an upgrade here in the near term. In general, Kryon's upgrade process is basically uninstall/reinstall at this point. They don't have an easy way to upgrade the software in place, which would be an added benefit. The process is not difficult. We have just a handful of robot machines with high availability enabled, along with a couple of app servers and a couple of database servers. Still, that's 12 machines which all need to be upgraded, and that is no simple effort when you're talking about a full reinstalled software. If we fully utilized our licensing by scaling out, we'd have more than 30 machines. We would have to upgrade on the field. Then, it's a pretty big task if they release new features and things that we want to take advantage of going forward. I see an opportunity for improvement from them here.

We are using it to do some automated reporting, and right now, we can't put images into the HTML formatted body of an email. We can either attach an image or embed a link to an image, but we can't just drop in an image into the HTML. That is feedback that I have given them. It would be nice to be able to have a bot take an image and paste it in as you would in Outlook. Otherwise, we have to provide either those images on a public website. If we want them just to be attached, it just doesn't look as clean. Especially people in our sales force, who are on their mobiles a lot, are not on our network a lot. These are a challenge for them when they just want to be able to glance at the report and go on with their day. It seems like a small problem, but it's limiting for us in some of the areas where we could deploy more of this solution. We have a feature request in for this, and I'm hoping it will be included in the future.

How it delineates file names on email attachments could be better. It is a hard coded comma, and if somebody includes a comment in a file name that messes it up. It is such a ridiculous thing. Who puts commas in file names? But, you would be surprised, and it happens. This is another simple thing they could easily tweak.

Their Tier 1 support is pretty basic. You either have to jump through the same hoops every time or escalate to a different Tier through your rep. 

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Senior Systems Analyst RPA at a hospitality company with 10,001+ employees

This need for improvement deals with the Office APIs in it. There have been some times when dealing with the macro interactions that we have had to build our own way of executing those macros rather than using the inbuilt tools provided by Kryon to execute them. I would like to see some improvement there.

We have also run into instances with some of the Office integration commands that are available, where we have had occasional troubles. They read the data once, hold a file open, or do something in the background. It would be nice to see the handling of this improved. This should probably be relatively minor improvements.

I would like the pool of advanced commands to increase. It does have a very solid base with a wide range of commands ranging from date manipulations through to SAP integrations. It needs to shore up those commands, harden them up a little bit, and maybe expand upon them. This would be something that would be nice.

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Head of BI and Process Automation at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees

We have found some difficulties regarding the integration with legacy systems where the screen has elements in the Hebrew language. The connection to Hebrew, right-to-left systems, is more challenging.

We are discussing development of the product with Kryon.

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