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Wireless LAN Questions
Vinny Govender
Technical Applications Specialist at bioMérieux
Nov 16 2021
Hi, I'm working as a Technical Applications Specialist at a Pharma/Biotech company with 10000+ employees. I'm researching to purchase a high-performance Wireless LAN device. Which one of the following products would you recommend: Ubiquiti Unifi Aruba Wireless  Ruckus Wireless Huawei Wir...
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Senyu Huang
User at Sample
I'm in a search of a Gateway solution for my organization. We have 200 employees and my budget is $400-800.  I've been checking Citrix Gateway, Aruba Wireless, Ubiquiti, and others.  What gateway do you recommend choosing for my company (based on the mentioned budget) and why? Update: I need ju...
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Ivelyn Wan https://www.fs.com/products/11... SG-3110, All in One Multi-WAN Security… more »
Thomas Van NiekerkIt all really depends on your objectives and what you want to achieve. Is… more »
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Eric Biller
Network Systems Administrator at SCBDD
Aug 10 2021
Hello,  We are redoing Wi-Fi and the related Ethernet switches to support it. We're moving from Cisco environment and considering Aruba 515, w/CX6400 Cisco Meraki or possibly an on-prem Wi-Fi controller, Arista Mojo, or Extreme Networks ExtremeCloud IQ. Any suggestions? 
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Michael FultonDepends.  I have personally used both Cisco and Aruba so I am familiar with… more »
Aws Al-DabbaghI suggest Aruba. We've considered the same upgrade (APs + Switches) and I've… more »
Ralph MaloneI have Extreme and chose them years ago when they were Aerohive for one reason… more »
5 Answers
Doyle Franklin
Business Consultant at Operations RX
We are a small MFG facility looking to add WAP Specifically for 4 PC's,  8 handheld Zebra mobile computers and 2 data collection kiosks.  The building is approximately 50K sq. ft. with a 27 ft. ceiling with no racking or other tall obstructions.  The number of employees accessing the Wi-Fi rang...
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Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Oct 10 2021

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it_user163557Several things come to mind but a few things stand out. 1. The term "future… more »
Tony C Leung 梁仲江Reliability, ease of diagnostics...enabling a no-hassle always on wireless… more »
it_user163557I've found that Juniper networks equipment is more scalable and less… more »
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