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ManageEngine Desktop Central vs Microsoft 365 Business comparison

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Find out what your peers are saying about ManageEngine Desktop Central vs. Microsoft 365 Business and other solutions. Updated: May 2019.
563,780 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"ManageEngine Desktop Central automatically alerts you if there are newer releases or updates. You do not have to go to their website and check.""The initial setup is pretty straightforward.""ManageEngine Desktop Central has greatly improved our organization by utilizing Service Desk Plus to monitor and keep track of issues that our end users report to our Help Desk Department. We also have written in the ode of our company's software to notify Support if an end-user experience an issue and does not report it.""The ability to run event viewer, task manager, services, command, file browser, certificate all remotely without interrupting users is the most valuable aspect. Software deployment and prohibiting, allowing us to standardize on the software that has been deployed through the environment and then prohibiting illegal software such as torrent applications has been valuable.""Since deploying Desktop Central our endpoints are all updated. We use configuration management to deploy shortcuts to our users' desktops with ease. Also, we use configuration management to map logical hard drives to our users. Our users are very happy with how much ease IT can solve their problems.""Very good, functional solution for endpoint management.""The solution is definitely scalable.""Everything is easily centralized and managed under this one product."

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"I like that it is easy to transfer to different devices, such as a different laptop. Everything is cloud-based, which I appreciate.""Business 365 is very scalable and easy to use. I need to explore the features more, but I'm more or less happy with the features we are using right now.""The flexibility of the solution is excellent.""What I like is that Office 365 is nicely integrated with our email application Outlook. We also don't have to worry about updates. They are free, and they just happen automatically.""You can access Microsoft 365 Business from anywhere. You have full access to Office 365 or Outlook 365, and the support is there.""The product has good pricing. It's quite inexpensive.""The storage portion of the solution is very good. It has a very large capacity.""It is easy to use."

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"Not many things are needed for improvement, everything seems to be great as it is. One thing that would be good to have would be the ability to add MDM to a tablet running Android 5.0 using the EMM Token Enrollment. If we wanted to add MDM to an older tablet, we just have to go the "long route" to get it added.""Some difficulties with setup for multiple locations.""ManageEngine Desktop Central should keep up with some of the features that other major vendors are providing, such as Microsoft.""There are occasional glitches.""Documentation could improve so we don't need to create the support requests first.""Improvement of the chats on the web communication through the WAN would be helpful.""ManageEngine could be improved by giving customers an option to perform certain actions proactively. Since I was a consultant, I worked on different products and some had advantages over ManageEngine. For example, proactive remediation—you want to proactively check something on the computers and run the script. In ManageEngine, you have the option to run the script, but Intune has the option to do so proactively. ManageEngine doesn't have this. You should have the option to act proactively, not just going ahead and fixing it once it's done. Proactive remediation should be a feature.""The solution lacks some configuration."

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"The product lacks certain drawing tool capabilities.""Microsoft 365 Business could improve by having better integration with other platforms.""It's a bit complex in itself when you get into items such as security or compliance.""It should have better pricing. It is a monopoly product for Microsoft, and I don't think they will change the pricing. They do not offer any discount.""They can improve its price and make the way of sharing documents more secure.""If Microsoft could offer more support, that would be ideal.""There are a lot of bugs, which I don't know how many people have come across. In Microsoft Teams, when you share any screen, I can't see much because the Microsoft Teams Window takes the majority of the space. A task section comes up and then below the screen, a list with the names of the people you are collaborating with comes up. When you have to share the screen, you get a small window, which also depends on the screen resolution of the person seeing it and sharing it. You basically need to have an extendable monitor and display unit to see the bigger screen. There should be a full functionality for changing the desktop screen to full screen. That would really be fantastic. This is surely going to be a critical area. If you see Zoom and Cisco WebEx, you get the full wider screen. In Microsoft Teams, voice quality can be made much better. I think the codex part can be something on which they can work further. In Microsoft Outlook, the GUI is years old, which is boring and makes you want to switch to the postal way of sending emails. They must change the GUI. I am a bit skeptical about the promises that are made by Microsoft. Even though Microsoft makes promises that your data will reside on the servers within your country. I don't think it is so, and the corporate data, the governmental data, and the patient data are still in Europe. In terms of the land laws, even if I have an agreement with Microsoft that my data should not be shared with any other countries, at the end of the day, the data is residing on some other land. So, the land laws of that particular country have the right to have access to the data that is residing on the server of a particular continent. So, the government can intercept the data. That's why I'm a bit skeptical. However, so far, no cases have come up related to this, but one day, it may come up. I hope Microsoft will find out a permanent solution for that. People are becoming more aware of privacy.""It's still not fully consistent among all the platforms running on Windows and IOS. It's getting better and better, but there's still a lot of consolidation or integration work to be done."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The licensing is very easy to understand and pricing is right for what you get."
  • "Choose wisely between the Professional and Enterprise editions, based on your needs."
  • "I have been using the free version and am in the stage where I have to decide if I will proceed with the paid license, or instead choose another product."
  • "We pay about $250 a year for our license."
  • "The solution is very affordable."
  • "We had perpetual licenses. The cost was around 36,000, and then you'd have the yearly maintenance fee of 2,000 or 3,000."
  • "The pricing is very low, compared to other products. Compared to Intune or SCCM, it's much less. I can say it's a good product for less of a price."
  • "Affordable for any customer."
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  • "We do monthly billing, however, I'm not sure what the exact costs are. We may pay around $1,000/month. We started using the Microsoft Teams and we've started doing the conference call feature, so that's another $4 an account and we have a few accounts using that right now."
  • "USD $1,250 annually for the standard package."
  • "Pricing can vary a lot due to fluctuations in exchange rates and that is not favorable for planning."
  • "Now you can select different licenses, for example, if somebody doesn't need all of the features, it would cost $8 USD per month and if they didn't need the email application then it would cost $6 USD per month."
  • "It works out to be $12.50 per user per month."
  • "Microsoft 365 Business will be good to have if you have a large organization where you have more than 3000 employees. Other cheaper solutions, like Gmail, are easily available in the market."
  • "They are always a bit pricey. They should reduce their prices or make it free because we already have other solutions, like Google Suite, which are cheaper or free."
  • "It is expensive, and its price can be better."
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    563,780 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer: 
    ManageEngine Desktop Central is very easy to set up, is scalable, stable, and also has very good patch management. What I like most about ManageEngine is that I can log on to every PC very easily and… more »
    Top Answer: 
    The initial setup is pretty straightforward.
    Top Answer: 
    The pricing of the solution could be better. The solution should be better at integrating with other solutions. Right now, it's not the best.
    Top Answer: 
    An area for improvement would be for Outlook to sync with Google Calendar.
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    Also Known As
    Desktop Central, ManageEngine Desktop Management MSP
    Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 F1, MS 365 Business
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    A web-based windows desktop management software that helps in managing 1000s of desktops from a central location. It can manage desktops both in LAN and across WAN. It automates regular desktop management activities like installing software, patches, and service packs, standardize the desktops by applying uniform configurations such as wallpapers, shortcuts, printer, etc. In simple terms, it helps administrators to automate, standardize, secure, and audit their windows network.

    Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution, bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help safeguard your business.

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    Find out what your peers are saying about ManageEngine Desktop Central vs. Microsoft 365 Business and other solutions. Updated: May 2019.
    563,780 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    ManageEngine Desktop Central is ranked 1st in Client Desktop Management with 22 reviews while Microsoft 365 Business is ranked 1st in Mobile Device Management (MDM) with 202 reviews. ManageEngine Desktop Central is rated 8.4, while Microsoft 365 Business is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of ManageEngine Desktop Central writes "Useful for patching and software deployment, but needs a proactive remediation feature ". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Microsoft 365 Business writes "Very stable, great for collaboration, and can scale easily". ManageEngine Desktop Central is most compared with Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, VMware Workspace ONE, ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus and SOTI MobiControl, whereas Microsoft 365 Business is most compared with Microsoft Intune, Datto Workplace, Jamf Pro, Liferay Digital Experience Platform and HighQ. See our ManageEngine Desktop Central vs. Microsoft 365 Business report.

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