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"This solution is a paid option within the ServiceNow framework.""There is a subscription for ServiceNow Discovery. It's expensive, but I think it's one of the best solutions on the market, so it's worth it.""The price could be better. It's a bit on the pricey side.""It's a bit expensive compared to other products in the market, but it's worth the money you pay because it's far advanced in terms of features, automation, and capabilities compared to other products."

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Top Answer: It does a good job of collecting the data that's necessary for data centers, and IT's operations.
Top Answer: The price could be better. It's a bit on the pricey side.
Top Answer: When you switch versions, for example, when you go from Paris to Quebec they will introduce many new things and occasionally things break when they do that. You usually find out after the fact when… more »
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AWS Cloud Map is a cloud resource discovery service. With Cloud Map, you can define custom names for your application resources, and it maintains the updated location of these dynamically changing resources. This increases your application availability because your web service always discovers the most up-to-date locations of its resources.

Modern applications are typically composed of multiple services that are accessible over an API and perform a specific function. Each service interacts with a variety of other resources, such as databases, queues, object stores, and customer-defined microservices, and it needs to be able to find the location of all the infrastructure resources on which it depends in order to function. In most cases, you manage all these resource names and their locations manually within the application code. However, manual resource management becomes time consuming and error-prone as the number of dependent infrastructure resources increases or the number of microservices dynamically scale up and down based on traffic. You can also use third-party service discovery products, but this requires installing and managing additional software and infrastructure.

Cloud Map allows you to register any application resources, such as databases, queues, microservices, and other cloud resources, with custom names. Cloud Map then constantly checks the health of resources to make sure the location is up-to-date. The application can then query the registry for the location of the resources needed based on the application version and deployment environment.

ServiceNow Discovery finds applications and devices on your network, and then updates the CMDB with the information it finds. Discovery is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the Now Platform.

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Expedia, Intuit, Royal Dutch Shell, Brooks Brothers
York, National Grid, DXC Technology, experian, BEACHBODY
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AWS Cloud Map is ranked 2nd in Cloud Resource Discovery Services while ServiceNow Discovery is ranked 1st in Cloud Resource Discovery Services with 8 reviews. AWS Cloud Map is rated 0.0, while ServiceNow Discovery is rated 8.2. On the other hand, the top reviewer of ServiceNow Discovery writes "Stable with good encryption but technical support isn't helpful". AWS Cloud Map is most compared with , whereas ServiceNow Discovery is most compared with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Tanium, SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor, ScienceLogic and Nagios XI.

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