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What is Buurst SoftNAS?

SoftNAS Cloud NAS is a software-defined, full-featured enterprise cloud NAS filer for primary data storage that enables existing applications securely migrate to the cloud without re-engineering. With enterprise-class NAS features like: high-availability, deduplication, compression, thin-provisioning, snapshots, replication, cloning, encryption (at rest and in transit), LDAP and Active Directory integration, and support for NFS, CIFS, iSCSI or AFP storage protocols, SoftNAS Cloud NAS protects mission-critical and primary, active/hot data.

Buurst SoftNAS was previously known as SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise.

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Buurst SoftNAS Customers

Netflix, Boeing, Nike, Coca Cola, Hearst, Ndemand, Carbon Media Group, Atypon, The Street, MagHub, CenturyLink, InfoSys

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