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Updated JANUARY 2022

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Oracle VM review

President with 201-500 employees
Good documentation and a simple setup but has a terrible licensing structure
I've found that using Oracle VM is like stepping back in time. It's not kept up with technology. The only reason anyone uses it is that they're afraid of Oracle's licensing. Oracle has a tremendously bad licensing approach. VMware, in comparison, has got so many different features that you can use in ESXi for example. Oracle is a lot...
Oracle VM review

Chief Executive Officer CEO at IT CROWD S.A.S
Robust, mature, and easy to set up
Oracle VM as a product is very complete. All the features that come with Oracle VM are available within a single subscription. There are no hidden costs. Every feature that you want to use can be used without any hesitation. For example, if there are other products in the market, other virtualization products, they start selling only the...

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