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Updated JANUARY 2022

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NETGEAR Switches review

Chris Stowe
Chris Stowe
System Engineer at Diversified
Different models of switches with various sizes and form factors make this switch...
I have noticed one thing where we have taken up the multicast group interval time. We have needed to increase that setting. What we found happening were streams would stop until they were reestablished. By taking up multicast group interval time, it resolved that issue. There has been talk in the roadmap from my conversations with the...
Juniper Ethernet Switches review

Neil Griggs
Neil Griggs
CEO at Enterprise Design Group
An impeccable solution that services any size business and competes with the...
Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small operation, you might have the same requirements for security features. There are security features related to Mac addresses that are present and high-end switches that lack some of the same flexibility in the lower-end switches. We may be talking about the difference between an EX2300 and an...

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