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Top Enterprise Flash Array Storage - 2016 Edition


Here at IT Central Station, we offer a crowdsourced platform that allows real users to share their opinions about tech products with the rest of the enterprise tech community. We have compiled over 46,000 views of the top enterprise flash array storage vendors by real users in 2015 and analyzed their trends in the infographic below. All of our data is based on actual behavior of real users researching and comparing vendors on IT Central Station.

The top 5 vendors based on reviews were Tintri, PureStorage, Nimblestorage, HP 3PAR, and NetApp. HP 3PAR led the field in both the number of reviews as well as views. For more information regarding our rankings or vendors represented, check out our enterprise flash array storage page at https://www.itcentralstation.com/categories/enterp...

View the infographic here:

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author avatarChris Childerhose
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Interesting article when gauging options for storage since there are so many vendors now. I would think Nimble Storage would be higher on the list, but it was interesting to see where they ranked.

ITCS user