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Top 6 All-Flash Arrays Q1 2017


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You can read user reviews for the top six all-flash arrays of Q1 2017 here, to help you decide which solution is best for you.

In the review excerpts below, our users rank these enterprise storage solutions according to their valuable features and have also discussed where they see room for improvement.

#1 HPE 3PAR Flash Storage

HPE 3PAR Flash Storage is ranked as the number one solution in all-flash arrays by our users during Q1 2017.

A Category Manager at a government agency finds that “the deduplication features and compression are really helpful. The all-flash integration is valuable. It's high-density storage, so the total cost of ownership of the solution is good for a company.”

David R., IT Systems Manager at City Electrical Factors, shares that “I would like to see a bit of improvement from the new managed interface because they have this Windows client which was used in the past. I don't remember the exact name of it, but it worked fine.

The new web-based interface for reports is great for some parts of the monitoring. But for day-to-day usage, it’s not very user-friendly.”

#2 NetApp All Flash FAS

IT Central Station users rank NetApp All Flash FAS as the number two all-flash array of Q1 2017.

Diegos R., an R&D Executive Supervisor at a media company describes NetApp All Flash FAS as “very user friendly. Someone in my position needs to be able to bring up and shut down the system quickly, efficiently, and shut it down if there's a power outage quickly and efficiently without having trouble. It also supports VMware, which is what we use; but we use the NetApp as our only filer.”

LeadStorageEng125 explains: “The product still uses the concept of decoupling hardware with multiple HA pairs where system resources like CPU/memory is bound to a single controller. This approach definitely helps keep the system more resilient and stable, but it makes the environment a little complex for the end user to decide where to place their application for best performance.”

#3 Tintri VMstore

Tintri VMstore is ranked as the number three solution in all-flash arrays by our users during Q1 2017.

Mike G. Network Administrator at a healthcare company, writes that “Tintri has a great web UI that allows you to view performance of individual VMs, as well as performance of the overall VMstore. Code upgrades are really simple.”

For James L., Network Engineer at a healthcare company, “The interfaces are all great, but if all the functionality were built into one global centre, this would make the interface a single pane.”

#4 Nimble

IT Central Station users rank Nimble as the number four solution of Q1 2017.

Chris C., Systems Engineer at McMillan LLP, writes that “Infosight (an analytics site that collects data for all Nimble arrays deployed) has been very valuable with determining upgrade requirements, bottlenecks, etc. The latest update to the site now allows Per-VM monitoring within the Virtual Infrastructure now, too.

Joel S., Principal Architect at JWS Consult, shares that “While I was not present for the sizing discussions, I believe there was some lack of discovery in selecting the model and features for my client.  Even though the flash size on the array was doubled from Nimble's initial recommendation, the SAN still has latency issues during the largest dataset imports, due to CPU limitations on the SAN model that pre sales had recommended for this client.”


EMC VNX is ranked as the number five all-flash array of Q1 2017.

Larry M., Senior SAN Engineer at a government agency, finds that the most valuable feature to be “the auto-tiering, which helps in the speed of data access. We have a big VMware storage pool in each of our three arrays and we have never had users complain about response of any VM in our environment.”  

Jose A., Director de Explotación IT. COE. at a security firm shares that “There is an easy replication process between distinct data centers via VPLEX and/or RPA. But I hope in the future that EMC/Dell could replicate this with other types of storage.”

#6 Kaminario K2

IT Central Station users rank Kaminario K2 as the number six solution of Q1 2017.

This IT and Facilities Lead at a tech vendor finds that “standard-based monitoring means we aren't locked into using platform-specific or proprietary tooling to track and monitor our device performance.”

For reviewer592860, “A single pane of glass to monitor/manage multiple arrays would be helpful.”

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author avatarit_user6186 (Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant at Server StorageIO - www.storageio.com)

Darren brings up a good point, interesting how the number one AFA as defined by the AFA folks is not listed, would have expected to have seen Dell EMC XtremeIO listed, along with the other usual AFA folks (e.g. IBM, NetApp, Pure et all listed. The list looks to be more of an AFA of hybrid vendors who can do AFA with their systems as opposed to the vendors who can only do AFA. Otoh, depends on how the survey/poll/questions presented, could be very well reflective of what users/customers are buying vs. what vendors or their surrogates, pundits, analyst, influencers want them to buy or use?

author avatarit_user177000 (Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies)

Hi Darren, our rankings are not based on analyst opinions. They are composed of ratings from real users, as well as number of views, number of comparisons with other solutions in the category and number of user reviews. This helps potential users understand the most popular solutions, as well as being able to dig deeper into real user feedback to get a full picture.

author avatarit_user197421 (User)

Would not pay much attention to this as how can it not include the number 1 AFA in the market ( See Gartner)? Probably a pay as you go review biased in my opinion.
Also how can you include Nimble as they are still to prove they can make it in the enterprise space?

ITCS user