We changed our name from IT Central Station: Here's why

IT Central Station (now PeerSpot) has over half a million members!


Dear community members,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve passed 500,000 registered users!

From humble beginnings in 2012, IT Central Station has grown to an active community of users who visit our site to read enterprise tech product reviews, ask and answer questions and compose articles.

We have always prided ourselves on the high quality of our content. Our users enjoy in-depth, authentic reviews and discussions from their peers. We’ve seen this first-hand: decision-makers from 95% of the Fortune 500 visiting IT Central Station to consult reviews and community-based content during their buying process.

The success of IT Central Station is because of each and every one of you. Thank you for your willingness to help your peers by providing quality reviews, sharing your experience, and actively participating in our community!


Russell Rothstein,
CEO and Co-Founder

author avatarEkkarat Wareesing


author avatarEvgeny Belenky
Community Manager

This is an amazing milestone for the community! And indeed, thanks to all our users and the entire team at IT Central Station!

author avatarMarcos L. Domingos
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Good to know. In my opinion, the Central Station of IT only tends to grow. Always recommend. Congratulations.

ITCS user