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IT Central Station "Experts" - Introductions!


I'm very excited that we are launching our new IT Central Station Experts program. 

Our founding experts are:

What a great group!

You have been featured on our new IT Central Station Experts page.

Please introduce yourself to the other experts. 

  • What do you do professionally?
  • How long have you been on IT Central Station? 
  • What do you get out of your involvement with IT Central Station?

And feel free to add anything else you want to share... 

author avatarArt Hebbeler, PMP
ExpertTop 5Consultant

Hi! I'm Art, and I've been in the IT world for more years than I'd like to admit. I have been doing major digital transformation projects since the 80s, even though we didn't call it DX back then. I've worked in the federal and SLED sectors, as well as private industry and not-for-profits (including religious communities) to make technology a "force multiplier" to the business at hand. Currently, I am leading the DX effort for a state agency, and am involved is some other exciting projects that will be rolling out soon.

I've been on IT Central Station about three years now, and find it a good place to get and share information on technologies with which I am just becoming familiar. I like helping others find the right solutions for their needs independent of the marketing and sales hype,

I specialize in taking problem projects and programs and getting them back on track and delivered. It's a pretty stressful role, as you might imagine, and I'm reaching the point where I want to help training and educate the next generation of "fix-it" men and women.

author avatarDon Ingerson
ExpertTop 5Consultant

Hello, my name is Don and I have been working in the automated testing field for 15 plus years. My specialty is using the Micro Focus tools UFT (formerly known as QuickTest Professional) and ALM. I enjoy finding useful automated solutions that are advantageous to companies I work for. In addition to doing automated testing, I have automated several manual processes at companies that have resulted in both significant cost and time savings.

I have been a contributor to IT Central Station since 2016 and enjoy writing about software and giving ideas about helpful features that might not be well-known to users, as well as any limitations encountered based on actual experience. I would like to help other people succeed in automation by answering any questions users might have in situations they encounter.

I feel fortunate to be a member and contributor of IT Central Station because it is clearly an innovative company with real user experiences.

author avatarChris Childerhose
ExpertTop 5Real User

Hi, my name is Chris and I have been in the IT field for over 25 years. I currently work as a Senior Engineer - Backup & Replication for an MSP named ThinkOn.

I have been on IT Central station for over 5 years and was one of the first in the Elite Squad back in the day which has moved to the Experts program now. Glad to be part of this new group.

Being involved with IT Central Station allows me to share my knowledge and expertise in fields of interest. I also like to see other points of view and how others have dealt with technology and solutions.

Let's kick off 2020!!

ITCS user