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HPE ProLiant DL Servers vs IBM Power Systems


IBM Power Systems and HPE Proliant DL are two of the most popular enterprise rack servers in the market, but what do real users think about these solutions? Our user community tells it like it is, so you can learn what they love about these rack servers, and where they see room for improvement.

IBM Power Systems

Our community have contributed 32 user reviews for IBM Power Systems, with 81% of reviewers coming from large enterprise companies. IBM Power Systems receives an overall score of 9.0 from our users, making it the highest ranked rack server.

Valuable features

Cris Parker, Solution engineer

“I can get more work done with less hardware. The SMT that they've improved has really helped open up boundaries for other applications that can use it. The ones that can't, they're still single-threaded, still waiting on the CPU cycle.”

SeniorEnc592, Senior engineer systems admin at a comms service provider

“It has improved the stability of the Oracle database. We have a big database running in a Power environment and it is more stable than compared to what we are adding.”

Room for improvement

Deepak Kohli, Regional VIP cloud hosting at a tech consulting company:

“I would say that in general we would prefer it if the software was more transparent, in terms of how you are using it.

Right now it depends on the level of the system and how much more you might have to pay for the same software. And being a cloud provider, we get into a lot of situations where our customers might need just a fraction of a processor, but they still have to pay for a bigger portion of the software costs.”

HPE Proliant DL

Our community have contributed 74 user reviews for HPE Proliant DL, with 74% of reviewers coming from large enterprise companies. Proliant DL receives an overall score of 8.4 from our users, and has the most views and comparisons of all the rack servers in the category.

Valuable features

Reviewer294162, Systems Architect at a transportation company

“It was part of a bigger solution, which is VDI. We are able to publish desktops for design engineers whose requirements are continuously changing on a weekly basis.”

ITManage0b69, IT Manager at a manufacturing company

“The most valuable feature is consistency to the cost. We understand what we're going to get, and we also understand the price-point that we're entering into.”

Room for improvement

Reviewer680205, Senior Server Specialist at a energy/utilities company

“What is missing for me is more of the administration site. If you have a cluster of four servers, there's no way to identify if they are all a member of the same cluster.

If there were a way to tag them, then you could specify where they are located within the data center. It would make it easier, because then we could spread them out. We would not have to keep them in the same cabinet in case of a power failure.

I would like to see more ease-of-use, be able to identify everything, and group them together so that we know where they are located.”

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Very interesting comparison from each vendor as well as review scores.

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